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serdar akkılıç

this is serdar akkılıç's oficial web, will include "tings" about serdar akkılıç; works, bio, blog, galleries may want to click on wandering seagull

  • hates capital letters
  • likes minimalism
  • gaved up commerical graphic design. will never do it again!
  • wants to do bungee jumping
  • never accepts freelance works
  • likes cats and all others
  • believes in collective conscious
  • thinks that there should be no countries at all
  • likes to play pc games
  • can play two block flutes at a time :P
  • grew up with pink floyd, deep forest, enigma, kitaro...
  • hates poems
  • loves world of warcraft and the druid concept in the game back end story


serdar akkılıç (who is living in istanbul - turkey) is a front end developer. currently working as a frontend developer in "positive".

this web page is under development stage. whole graphics, front end and back end development made by serdar akkılıç. for more information you can use the social media links or can directly email to for contact.